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What is Paraclete Couture? It is custom made apparel for men and women of all shapes and sizes. These highly fashionable pieces are bold and vibrant consisting of dare to wear colors and designs with just the right touches to each piece featuring a myriad of styles, textures and silhouettes that fashion has to offer. So how would one describe the clothing line? Unique, chic, sophisticated, casual yet smart aesthetic, but sensible with a keen awareness to design with out the box visions.

 Paraclete Couture embodies color and shapes inspired by artwork as well as various surroundings infusing styles from the past to create a more modern look today.

What sets Paraclete Couture apart from the rest? It’s the name and the details; for the svelte to curvy individuals. It's for the one of a kind you.

Omnia In Nomine Domini Iesu.

Cassia Gold CEO & Head Designer


Fashion Designer, Spoken Word Artist and Mental Health Speaker are just a few ways to describe Kezia artistically known and Cassia Gold. She is a Baltimore, Maryland native now based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Her path consists of traveling using her life experiences to do inspirational speaking engagements while promoting her poetry albums and her clothing and jewelry line Paraclete Couture.  Miss Gold has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years.  Her sewing skills were birthed as a teenager when she asked her mother, who is also a designer, to make her an outfit.  Her mother didn't have the time therefore Miss Gold intuitively began sewing on her own. The gift was innate.  Her dream is to continue to sew for clients and one day teach fashion at her own youth arts program.  To find out more about Miss Gold go to her website  www.cassiagold.com



Connecks are the ear to ear accessory for the bold and edgy dare to wear woman.  They are light weight and can be worn with anything from your swimsuit to your party dress.  They come in a variety of colors.